APBA Race Circular

Mount St. Helens Regatta
5/2/2015 – 5/3/2015
10    12522   
Castle Rock, WA Silver Lake

Directions from I-5 north and south: Take exit 49 off I-5 and go east on Mt. St. Helens way NE which turns into WA HWY 504 also known as Spirit Lake HWY. Follow for approx 6 miles and Silver Lake Resort will be on your right.

Silver Lake Resort - 360-274-6141
3201 Spirit Lake Highway, Silver Lake, WA 98645
Call or go to www.silverlake-resort.com for hotel reservations or cabin reservations. 10% discount on reservations before April 1, 2015, mention boat races. Hotel resort on the water facing race course. Camping is allowed at resort. Campers in tents will be charged $20 for weekend. Enclosed trailers and motor homes will be charged $50 (if racer/family has both fee will be $70) for weekend. This to be collected by SOA. Limited power hookups available. Please email Kyle for motor home spots. racerkyle@hotmail.com.

3 laps of an approx 1 mile course. Approx 3 mile total.

Digital Clock start

N.A. Championships: 200CCMR
: Local class: Novice C

Prizes 1st through 3rd will recieve a T-shirt on Saturday. Prizes will be given out to all JH and JR participants.
NAC 200CCMR will have special award.

May 1, 2015 4pm-8pm
May 2-3, 2015 7am-9am

Drivers meeting will be at 9:30am sharp in the pits both days.

1st class $50 - 2nd Class $35 - 3rd class and more $25
JH/JR class rate: 1st class $25 - 2nd class $15 - 3rd class and beyond $15


Race Director (963) KYLE BAHL, 5725 158TH ST SW, EDMONDS, WA
Referee (3202) ALLEN THORSEN, 22224 NELSON RD, BEND, OR
Assistant Referee (3935) JIM NILSEN, 3210 89TH AVE E, EDGEWOOD, WA
Inspector (13234) JOEL POLICAR, 20908 S W WILLAPA CT, TUALATIN , OR
Risk Manager (12487) DAVID SALMON, 16004 27TH AVE NE, SHORELINE, WA

1. Camping on site permitted in certain areas determined by race director. A fee is accessed.
3. No motorized scooters or bikes allowed on Silver Lake Resort Property.
3. All minors will sign the waiver and must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18 when in 'hot pits.'
4. 'Hot Pits' will be roped off by orange mesh fencing. Those in 'Hot Pits' must have a wrist band and signed the waiver.
5. 10pm is quiet time
6. Dogs on leashes on Resort Property.
7. Local class 'Novice C' will be run both days for local points only. rules announced at drivers meeting.
8. All pit areas/RV spaces will keep trailers confined to the designated RV space. No trailers, vehicles, tents, or structures of any kinds in the common area lawns of the motel, cabins, field, playground or peninsula area of the property.
9. Additional pit space in the upper tent area is fine, but not on the roadway.
10. Minimum boat count is 5 boats per class. Classes will be subjected to combination to meet this minimum.
11. Saturday is Babcock points for 750ccmh, 850ccmh, 1100ccr
12. NAC for 200CCMR will be Saturday
13. In case of Blow off first entries will be retained to cover race costs.

This Regatta is sanctioned through APBA

All prizes are the responsibility of the conducting Club. APBA does not guarantee nor is it responsible for payment of prizes. You are advised that this event may be canceled prior to the race due to circumstances beyond the control of this association. If you plan to travel a long distance, it is recommended that you contact the race sponsor prior to your departure to ensure this event will take place.