APBA Race Circular

Norm Evans Apple Cup Regatta
5/2/2020 – 5/3/2020
10    13276   
Chelan, WA Lake Chelan


Apple Inn - (509) 682-4044.....~~~~~.....Midtowner - (509) 682-4051
Campbells Resort - (800) 553-8225.....~~~~~.....Lake Shore RV Park - (509) 682-8023

4 Laps / 1.25 Mile Course. Not approved for records
Course Elevation: 1100



00800   VINTAGE01000   INBOARD07000   OPC
00800   VINTAGE01000   INBOARD07000   OPC

Trophies for Saturday Racing Only!
Presented Saturday Night - In Park

In Upper Pit Area In Park Office, Friday - 5-7PM, Saturday - 7-8:30AM, Sunday Contact Race Chairmen

Saturday & Sunday 9:30 AM At Park Office (Registration)

Inboard - $150, Vintage - $140, OPC - $140, Inboard Step Up Fee - $50
All Entry Fee’s Include - Category and Promo Fee’s
Additional $5 Fee Per Credit Card Transaction


Race Director (76404) GORDY COLE, 6023 38TH AVE SW, SEATTLE, WA

1) APBA Pit Pass Procedures Will Be Strictly Enforced
2) Hot Pit Rules Apply- Closed Toed Shoes Required For Everyone
3) Inboard Dress Code Enforced
4) No Pets In Pits
5) Fuel in Designated Areas Only
6) Classes Will Be Assigned A Tear Down Duty.
7) Boats Will Remain In Pits Until End Of Racing, Except With Permission From Race Chairman or Referee.
8) Pits Will Be Cleared, All Re-entering Will Have APBA Pit Passes and Wrist Bands!!!
9) No Motorized Scooters, ATV, Skateboards Unless Used Only To Launch BOATS!
10) No Underage Drinking Or Marijuana Use Will Be Tolerated In Park!!!
11) Essential Pit Crew Only On Docks
12) No Camping In Pit Area
13) Club Will Retain First Entry Fee To Cover Race Costs In Case Of Weather Blow Off
14) Inboard Safety Inspection starts Friday, May 3rd at 4PM in the Park. It is the responsibility of each owner to come to the safety inspection with their safety inspections sheet filled out to the extent that they can and have their boat ready for inspection (meaning latch covers open and items listed to inspect ready and available.) The inspection sheet can be downloaded at: http://www.apba.org/sites/all/files/documents/safety_inspection-modified.pdf
15. Pit parking will be limited. Vehicle parking in pits will be limited.

This Regatta is sanctioned through APBA

All prizes are the responsibility of the conducting Club. APBA does not guarantee nor is it responsible for payment of prizes. You are advised that this event may be canceled prior to the race due to circumstances beyond the control of this association. If you plan to travel a long distance, it is recommended that you contact the race sponsor prior to your departure to ensure this event will take place.