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9/3/2020Grants Pass, OR - COVID Safety Meaures

September 7 event

8/18/2020BoD Official Bios 2020

as of 8.17.20

8/18/2020Council Official Bios 2020

as of 8.17.20

7/31/2020Springfield, OH - COVID Safety Meaures

August 7-9 event

7/28/2020Indian River, MI- COVID Safety Meaures

August 8-9 event

7/15/2020Oshkosh, WI - COVID Safety Meaures

July 18-19 event

4/6/2020Approved Inspectors

as of 05.03.2021

3/4/20202021 Approved Referees and Risk Managers

as of 05.03.2021

2/8/2020Committee List of Names

2020 APBA Committee List- Names only updated 2-8-20

12/26/2019Committees - 2020

updated 12/31/19

10/25/20192020 Region Election Results
10/24/20192020 Category Commissioners
9/16/2019Region 6 Fall 2019 Meeting Circular
6/4/2019Vintage and Historic Approved Inspectors

updated 9/07/19 per Rich Evans.

4/1/2019PROMOTION - Club Driving Schools
3/30/2019SCORERS Approved 2021

as of 05.03.2021

12/20/2017Sample APBA Budget

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Modified Outboard

DateDocument Title
3/22/2021PRD Fireball - APBA Modified 125 Racing Lessons Learned

Stock Outboard

DateDocument Title
2/10/2020Stock Outboard Past Winter Nationals
2/10/2020Stock Outboard Retired Racing Numbers

updated 12.16.20

2/10/2020Stock Outboard Rookie of the Year
2/10/2020Stock Outboard Tammy Dawe Advocate Award Winners
11/19/2019Stock Boat Racing Suppliers
11/19/2019Stock Chairmen
11/19/2019Stock Champions - 15SSH
11/19/2019Stock Champions - 15SSR
11/19/2019Stock Champions - 20SSH
11/19/2019Stock Champions - 25SSH
11/19/2019Stock Champions - 25SSR
11/19/2019Stock Champions - 300SSH
11/19/2019Stock Champions - 35, 36, C2 and Super C
11/19/2019Stock Champions - ASH
11/19/2019Stock Champions - ASR
11/19/2019Stock Champions - BSH
11/19/2019Stock Champions - BSR
11/19/2019Stock Champions - CSH
11/19/2019Stock Champions - CSR
11/19/2019Stock Champions - DSH

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Outboard Performance Craft

DateDocument Title
4/8/2021Highlands, TX - COVID Safety Meaures

April 11 Event