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1 Litre

1 Litre

1 Litre ("Y" class) hydroplanes are small, light and lightning quick, racing to speeds over 105 mph. While supercharging is not allowed, other modifications are encouraged. Engines are automotive or marine based, 2 or 4-cycle style. Maximum limit of 2-cycle is 1160 cc and maximum limit of 4-cycle is 1315 cc. The most common engines are from 2-cycle personal water crafts boats!

Class Specifications

Minimum Length:13' 6
Minimum Weight:750 or 825 lbs including driver depending on boat length
Engine:Fall into 4 categories with varying modification limits. 1030 cc, 1160 cc, 1260 cc, and 1315 cc
Fuel:Racing fuel per APBA specs
Approximate Speed:105mph
National Champion:
High Point Winner: