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5/11/2019Jet River Racer Rules and Regulations
4/17/2019APBA Region 5 Bylaws
4/8/2019Scorer Handbook 2019
3/28/2019APBA Bylaws 2-20-19
3/28/2019APBA Life Jacket Basic Manufacturing Specifications
3/28/2019General Safety and Racing Rules 2020

General Safety and Racing Rules 2020 as of 11-9-19

3/28/2019Reference Book 2019
3/28/2019Vintage and Historic Bylaws 3-12-19
8/29/20182013 UIM Medication Use Reminder
8/29/20182014 Outboard River Racers Bylaws
8/29/20182014 Time Trials Pamphlet
8/29/20182015 Classic Outboard Runabout Rules
8/29/20182015 UIM Ant-Doping Rules and Regulations
8/29/20182018 Outboard River Racer Rules
8/29/20182018 USJSA Rules and Regulations
8/29/2018APBA Electric Boat Racing Rules
8/29/2018APBA Region 10 By Laws
8/29/2018APBA Region 2 Bylaws
8/29/2018APBA Region 3 Bylaws
8/29/2018APBA Region 4 Bylaws

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DateDocument Title
3/28/2019Inboard Rules 10-23-19

Updated Rule 37, Hall of Champions criteria, per changes passed at 2019 National Meeting.

8/29/2018APBA Region 6 Inboard Bylaws
8/29/2018Grand Prix West Bylaws

GPW rules updated for 2019

8/29/2018Inboard Crackerbox Tech Inspection Manual

Inboard Endurance

DateDocument Title
12/20/20172018 Inboard Endurance Rules


DateDocument Title
3/28/2019Offshore Racing Rules
8/29/20182013 UIM Offshore Crash Box Procedures

Professional Outboard

DateDocument Title
3/28/2019PRO Rules 01-06-20
3/28/2019PRO Tech Manual 1-14-20
8/29/2018APBA Region 6 Pro Bylaws

Modified Outboard

DateDocument Title
3/28/2019Modified Outboard Tech Manual
8/29/2018APBA Region 6 Modified Bylaws
8/29/2018Modified Outboard Rules

updated 1/2/20

Stock Outboard

DateDocument Title
3/28/2019Stock Outboard Rules 11-8-2019

2020 Stock Outboard Rules

3/28/2019Stock Outboard Tech Manual 11-8-19

2020 Stock Outboard Tech Manual

8/29/2018300SSH Rules - 2019
8/29/2018APBA Region 6 Stock Bylaws
8/29/2018SORC Ballot Item No. 6 Announcement
8/29/2018Yamato Enhanced Drill Guide

Outboard Performance Craft

DateDocument Title
6/25/2019SST 60 Tech Specs
5/20/20192011 Sport C Tech Specs
5/20/20192015 Sport C Tech Specs
5/20/2019SST 120 Tech Specs
5/20/2019SST 200 Tech Specs
5/20/2019SST 45 Tech Specs
3/28/2019OPC Rules 2019
8/29/2018APBA Region 6 OPC Bylaws

Outboard Drag

DateDocument Title
3/28/2019Outboard Drag Rules 2019


DateDocument Title
3/28/2019Thundercat Rules 2018

Junior Classes

DateDocument Title
3/28/2019Junior Classes Rules

changes on page 9 per Jeff Williams/Mark Wheeler 4/17/19

Radio Controlled

DateDocument Title
8/29/20182004 RC Model Rules