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300SS Hydro

300SS Hydro

The 300 Super Stock Hydroplane class is perfect for the new racer! You do not need to be an outboard mechanic and you can successfully compete in this class since all of the engines and propellers are identical. The power is supplied by a 24 Cubic Inch Yamato racing engine. These engines are factory sealed by the American Power Boat Association to ensure parity and any repairs or rebuilds are done through regionalized service centers at a very low cost. In addition to ensuring racing parity through the sealed engine, a stock factory propeller is provided with the engine. All of the propellers are created from the same mold and are swapped among the drivers prior to each and every race. This class requires no racing experience and most clubs around the country provide driving schools to ensure that you will be properly prepared to take the green flag. Now may just be the opportune time to fulfill that racing desire!

Class Specifications

Minimum Length:9' 6"
Minimum Weight:420 lbs.
Engine:Yamato 302 and 321
Approximate Speed:60mph
National Champion:
High Point Winner: