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In its final year in Stock Outboard, 45SS Tunnel, AKA "45SST" or "SST45" is raced on the West Coast both at Stock Outboard and OPC events (as SST 45). It is Stock Outboard's only closed capsule, true tunnel boat class. (The air space under the boat is the "tunnel", giving these highly maneuverable raceboats the "lift" they need to shoot down the straightaway at 60-70 MPH.) You won't believe the way these boats turn on a dime. They do not slow down at all; it's chaos in the corners. At one event you can have multiple heats of exciting action, and rack up High Points in two categories. Check both the Stock Outboard and OPC rules for all the details.

Class Specifications

Minimum Length:
Minimum Weight:700 lbs.
Engine:OMC 45
Approximate Speed:60-70 mph
National Champion:
High Point Winner: