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Competition Jet

Competition Jet

The Comp Jet (CJ) class has quickly become a very popular Inboard Endurance choice. Virtually any hull up to 24 feet long with two stringers may run in the class. Powered by a U.S. built automotive or light truck engine and a single jet drive used for marine applications only. The engine is to be located forward of the jet drive, and the driver must be seated forward of the engine. This is a great way to get into the thrilling world of Inboard Endurance racing.

Class Specifications

Minimum Length:Any length up to 24' long, with 2 stringers
Minimum Weight:
Engine:U.S. built automotive or light truck engine, Chevrolet big block, maximum 515 cu. in. Cast iron cylinder block; aluminum heads are optional. Naturally aspirated, any form of carburetion or fuel injection is allowed
Approximate Speed:70-90mph
National Champion:
High Point Winner: