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Formula 150

Formula 150

Gaining popularity across the country, the Formula 150 class was originally developed to keep older equipment viable on the race course. A variety of engines can be raced in the Formula 150 class, ranging from 100 to 158 cubic inches . If you own an older Suzuki, Yamaha, OMC, or Mercury, this class may be able to get you out on the race course. In recent years Mercury has added the 200XS OptiMax to the market which is also legal in thie class. If you like to tinker with your engine, Formula 150 allows you to modify smaller engines. Larger model engines are run "stock" (as manufactured), allowing racers with a variety of engines to remain competitive.

Class Specifications

Minimum Length:
Minimum Weight:1050 lbs.
Engine:Any stock production V-6
Approximate Speed:80-90 MPH in competition; over 100 MPH in kilo trials
National Champion:
High Point Winner: