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Formula V

Formula V

Got a V-bottom or flatbottom boat you think is fast? Then you're in luck! The Formula V class allows racers to use any production based engine up to 100 cubic inches, with no modifications permitted. A "formula" is used to handicap the boats by weight. As a result, it's not uncommon to see engines from 50 to 100 cubic inches racing against each other on 13 to 16-foot boats. This class is raced mostly in the Midwest.

Class Specifications

Minimum Length:13' to 15' (depending on engine size)
Minimum Weight:1100 lbs.
Engine:All engines must originally be of a standard production type. No full v-6 motors allowed.
Approximate Speed:60-70 MPH in competition (over 80 MPH in kilo trials)
National Champion:
High Point Winner: