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Grand Prix Hydroplane

Grand Prix Hydroplane

Grand Prix Hydroplane - supercharged competition! This professional level GP class provides all the noise and excitement you can handle. The 1500 horsepower blown V-8s, based on big block Chevrolet design, make the most noise and throw the biggest roostertails this side of anywhere! Limitations are few; beyond the 468-cubic inch engine displacement, it's Hot Rod City and up to the ingenuity of the builder. Grand Prix hydros are the biggest and baddest of the bad!

Class Specifications

Minimum Length:23'
Minimum Weight:2700 lbs. including driver
Engine:Supercharged Big Block Chevrolet V-8, maximum displacement 468 cubic inches
Fuel:Methanol (alcohol) or racing gasoline per APBA specs
Approximate Speed:170mph
National Champion:
High Point Winner: