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GT Pro

GT Pro

GT Pro is a Sportsman Class created and run by the Twin City Power Boat Association. The GT Pro class allows for V-bottom, Modified Vee or Tunnel Hull boats, built of any material. Powered by two-cylinder OMC motors with hydraulic trim and stainless steel propellers, GT Pro is for serious mini-boat racers, and is a natural progression from the Mini GT class. Once you hone your driving skills in either of these entry-level classes, you'll be ready to move up to bigger and faster OPC classes. GT Pro is approved by the APBA for Local Racing.

Class Specifications

Minimum Length:
Minimum Weight:650 lbs with Driver & Equipment
Engine:Any 35 horsepower, two cylinder, 31.8 cid. Johnson or Evinrude
Fuel:87-92 Octane - pump gas only - no additives
Approximate Speed:50mph
National Champion:
High Point Winner: