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K Pro Hydro

K Pro Hydro

The K PRO Hydro (KPH) Class is the PRO Category's own spin on the Junior Classes. Allowing aspiring racers to get an early start on the competition, KPH racing is for ages 11-16. As an entry-level class, KPH is the only PRO Hydro class that uses stock outboard motors. The OMC J/A and Mercurcy 15 motors used in the KPH Class are identical to those in the Junior Classes, allowing cross-category participation for kids and more bang for your racing buck!

Class Specifications

Minimum Length:
Minimum Weight:
Engine:Mercury 60J, OMC J/A 13.2 cu. in, Merchry J/A15 (15.9 cu. in. produced in 1999 or later)
Approximate Speed:
National Champion:
High Point Winner: