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Sport C

Sport C

Sport C is an entry-level tunnel boat class that is very popular on the West Coast and in the Midwest. These affordable 12-foot boats average 50-55 MPH and are powered by 35 cubic inch engines mounted on true tunnel race hulls. A variety of legal hulls (vee, flatbottom, modified vee, or tunnel design), the boat must be at least 48.0 inches wide. Sport C is a great class to hone driving skills, due to the high level of competition. Sport C marathon races are popular in some regions too, testing a driver's endurance as well as skill.

Class Specifications

Minimum Length:8' (14' Max)
Minimum Weight:675 lbs.
Engine:Pure Stock Engines, Max 35 Cubic In. Displacement
Approximate Speed:55-60 MPH
National Champion:
High Point Winner: