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SST 200

SST 200

Welcome to world-class OPC racing! The SST 200 (Super Sport Tunnel) outboard is the next generation of Formula 2 powerboat racing. This class truly makes speed simple. It uses a maintenance free "green" engine that does not require mixing gas and oil—truly the non-mechanic's friend. The OptiMax is one of only two engines that can be bought and raced as-is direct from the manufacturer. At the same time, SST 200 offers spectacular speed and excitement and is recognized and raced worldwide. The same sleek tunnel hull raced in SST 120 is matched with the OptiMax engine for a powerful racing package. Ready to go green and go racing? If you're looking for speed, green technology and long-term durability, SST 200 is for you!

Class Specifications

Minimum Length:16'
Minimum Weight:1150 lbs.
Engine:Mercury 2.5 Litre direct fuel injection
Approximate Speed:90-100+ MPH
National Champion:
High Point Winner: