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SST 45

SST 45

The SST 45 Class, sometimes known as Formula Lights, is a highly competitive class for drivers of all varieties. Many drivers step up to OPC racing from the outboard kneeldown categories through the SST 45 Class. In fact, drivers can race identical equipment in both Stock Outboard's 45SS and OPC's SST 45. It is also a great training ground for the larger V-6 tunnel boat classes. Full fields of competitors challenge you to learn fast how to make the start and negotiate the turns at incredible speeds. SST 45s compete nationwide at OPC races.

Class Specifications

Minimum Length:12'
Minimum Weight:700 lbs.
Engine:OMC 44.9 cubic inch (740cc) two cylinder
Approximate Speed:60 -70 MPH (kilo speed 87+ MPH)
National Champion:
High Point Winner: