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4/13/2019INBOARD Rookie of the Year Criteria
4/12/20192018-2019 Scorer Test
4/11/20192019 Insurance Incident Report
4/11/20192019 Liability Waiver - Adult
4/11/20192019 Liability Waiver - Minor FLORIDA ONLY
4/11/20192019 Liability Waiver - Minor Standard
4/11/2019Inspector Test - Inboard 2019
4/11/2019Inspector Test - Modified Outboard 2019
4/11/2019Inspector Test - OPC 2019
4/11/2019Inspector Test - Vintage 2019
4/9/2019Stock Outboard Inspector Qualification Form
4/5/2019Referee and Risk Manager Test
4/1/2019Insurance Application
4/1/2019Insurance Cancellation Form
4/1/2019Insurance Rate Sheet
4/1/2019Stock Outboard Award Winners past and present
4/1/2019Stock Outboard Chairmen, 1952-present
4/1/2019Stock Outboard High Points Champions past to present
3/30/2019Assistant Risk Manager Checklist
3/30/2019Class Computer Numbers 2019
3/30/2019Entry Blank
3/30/2019Inboard Racing Commission and Committees 2019
3/30/2019Sanction Fees 2019
3/30/2019SCORERS Additional Registration Form
3/30/2019SCORERS Additional Registration Instructions

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12/19/20172015 Board of Directors July Meeting Minutes
12/19/20172015 Board of Directors June Meeting Minutes
12/19/20172015 Board of Directors October Meeting Minutes
12/19/20172015 Council at Large January
12/19/20172015 January Board of Directors
12/19/20172015 New Class Committee
12/19/20172015 Race Management
12/19/20172015 Stock Annual Meeting
12/19/20172015 Thundercat Annual Meetng
12/19/20172016 Board of Directors Annual Meeting Saturday
12/19/20172016 Board of Directors Annual Meeting Wednesday
12/19/20172016 Board of Directors December Meeting Minutes
12/19/20172016 Board of Directors March Meeting Minutes
12/19/20172016 Board of Directors November Meeting Minutes
12/19/20172016 Board of Directors October Meeting Minutes
12/19/20172016 Council at Large January
12/19/20172016 J-Committee Annual Meeting
12/19/20172016 National Meeting Minutes
12/19/20172016 New Class Committee
12/19/20172016 Race Management Saturday
12/19/20172016 Race Management Wednesday
12/19/20172016 Stock Annual Meeting
12/19/20172016 Vintage Annual Minutes
12/19/20172017 J-Committee Annual Meeting Friday
12/19/20172017 J-Committee Annual Meeting Saturday
12/19/20172017 National Meeting Minutes

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5/20/20192011 Sport C Tech Specs
5/20/20192015 Sport C Tech Specs
5/20/2019SST 120 Tech Specs
5/20/2019SST 200 Tech Specs
5/20/2019SST 45 Tech Specs
5/11/2019Jet River Racer Rules and Regulations
4/17/2019APBA Region 5 Bylaws
4/8/2019Scorer Handbook 2019
3/28/2019APBA Bylaws 2-20-19
3/28/2019APBA Life Jacket Basic Manufacturing Specifications
3/28/2019General Safety and Racing Rules 2019
3/28/2019Inboard Rules 4-29-19
3/28/2019Jet River Racer Rules and Regulations
3/28/2019Junior Classes Rules

changes on page 9 per Jeff Williams/Mark Wheeler 4/17/19

3/28/2019Modified Outboard Tech Manual
3/28/2019Offshore Racing Rules
3/28/2019OPC Rules 2019
3/28/2019Outboard Drag Rules 2019
3/28/2019PRO Rules 2-26-19
3/28/2019PRO Tech Manual 2-26-19
3/28/2019Reference Book 2019
3/28/2019Stock Outboard Rules 3-11-19
3/28/2019Stock Outboard Tech Manual 2-21-19
3/28/2019Thundercat Rules 2018
3/28/2019Vintage and Historic Bylaws 3-12-19

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4/1/2019PROMOTION - Club Driving Schools
12/20/2017Sample APBA Budget