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8/29/2018Vintage and Historic Discrepancies and Notes Form
8/29/2018Vintage and Historic Physical Exam Form
2/15/2020Vintage and Historic Inspectors

V&H approved Inspectors for 2020

8/29/2018APBA Historical Society Grant Application
8/29/2018SE and SA Spreadsheet
8/29/2018Inboard Title Race and Series Guidelines
8/29/2018Sanction and Insurance Instructions
3/30/2019SCORERS and Timers Data Sheet
4/1/2019Stock Outboard Award Winners past and present
2/10/2020Safety and Rescue MINUTES 1-24-20

Safety & Rescue Meeting Minutes 1-24-2020 on Safety Products, Seattle, Washington

3/30/2019Inboard Racing Commission, Committees, and Class Reps 2020
8/29/2018Inboard Championship and Record Inspection Form
2/20/202020-21 Referee and Risk Management Test - ONLINE
2/20/202020-21 Referee and Risk Management Test - PRINTABLE
8/16/2019Vintage Inboard-Unlimited Inspection Form
8/16/2019Vintage Outboard Inspection Form
4/11/2019Inspector Test - Vintage 2020


7/28/2021Vintage Meeting Minutes - 7.21.2021
11/18/2021Vintage Meeting Minutes - 10.13.21

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5/11/20202020 Vintage and Historic Bylaws
10/1/20212021 Vintage and Historic bylaws

Updated 9.27.21

8/29/20182018 USJSA Rules and Regulations
8/29/20182015 UIM Ant-Doping Rules and Regulations
5/11/2019Jet River Racer Rules and Regulations - 2020
3/28/2019General Safety and Racing Rules 2021

Rev. 6/1/21

3/1/2021PRO Safety and Racing Rules

Rev. 1.10.21

5/5/20212021 KTRRA Constitution and Bylaws




6/4/2019Vintage and Historic Approved Inspectors

updated 9/07/19 per Rich Evans.

11/19/2019Stock Champions - 35, 36, C2 and Super C
3/4/20202021 Approved Referees and Risk Managers

as of 08.23.2021