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4/11/2019Inspector Test - Modified Outboard 2020

Updated 7.20.20

8/29/2018National Modified Technical Sheet
6/12/2020National Modified Inspection Sheet

Rev. 4/20

8/29/2018Stock Outboard - Yamato EPA Contract
4/1/2019Stock Outboard Award Winners past and present
4/1/2019Stock Outboard High Points Champions past to present
4/9/2019Stock Outboard Inspector Qualification Form
8/16/2019Vintage Outboard Inspection Form
2/8/2021IOA's Stock Outboard Driving School
4/1/2021TRORA's Stock Outboard Driving School


2/9/2020Modified Outboard Meeting Minutes 1-23-24-020

Modified Outboard Commission Meeting Minutes Jan. 23-24, 2020, Seattle

6/23/2020Modified Outboard Racing Commission Meeting 6-22-20
11/16/2020Modified Outboard Racing Commission Meeting 11-12-20
1/26/2021Modified Outboard Racing Commission Meeting 1-25-21
12/20/20172015 Modified National Meeting Minutes
12/20/20172017 Modified National Meeting Minutes
9/6/2019Modified Commission Minutes 020719

Minutes from the Modified Commission meetings in Orlando, Florida, Feb. 2019

2/8/2021Stock Outboard Racing Commission Annual Meeting Minutes

1.22.21 and 1.26.21


8/29/2018Modified Outboard Rules

updated 1/27/2021

3/28/20192021 Modified Outboard Tech Manual

Rev. 6.22.20, typo fixed on 4.5.21

8/29/2018APBA Region 6 Modified Bylaws
8/29/20182014 Outboard River Racers Bylaws
8/29/20182015 Classic Outboard Runabout Rules
3/28/2019Outboard Drag Rules 2019
3/28/2019Stock Outboard Rules 2020

Updated 2.17.20

3/28/2019Stock Outboard Tech Manual 2020

Updated 2.17.20

11/3/2020Stock Outboard Tech Manual 2021
11/3/2020Stock Outboard Rules 2021

updated 2.18.21




3/22/2021PRD Fireball - APBA Modified 125 Racing Lessons Learned
11/19/2019Stock Outboard Menzies Award Winners
11/19/2019Stock Outboard Hall of Champions Inductees
11/19/2019Stock Outboard Summer Nationals Sites
11/19/2019Stock Outboard Waldman Award Winners
2/10/2020Stock Outboard Past Winter Nationals
2/10/2020Stock Outboard Rookie of the Year
2/10/2020Stock Outboard Retired Racing Numbers

updated 12.16.20

2/10/2020Stock Outboard Tammy Dawe Advocate Award Winners
11/1/2021Stock Outboard Chairpersons