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Outboard Drag racing is a full-out race to the finish line; no turns to slow you down in these firebreathers. Huge engines (up to 300 HP) power Drag boats to speeds of 150 MPH or more. Drag is the only APBA category to allow nitro fuel, and it shows in the rocket speeds. Setup and engine building are crucial to success in Outboard Drag. Every second counts on the quarter-mile or 1/8-mile track. This category is unmatched for intense excitement and high performance.

The APBA Outboard Drag rules mirror the rules of the Outboard Drag Boat Association (ODBA) within APBA Bylaws and Safety Regulations. Boats are paired in "brackets" for each heat. Each winner goes on to race his counterpart from another bracket until the final, where the top racers from each set of brackets face off.

Outboard Drag classes range from the entry-level Formula Class to Unlimited. Because of their high speed, you must be 18 to drive in this category.

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