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APBA Junior Class racing is THE ultimate sport for aspiring racers! These small, lightweight boats are a great way for kids to safely experience the thrill of racing. Junior Hydroplanes and Runabout classes are open to kids starting at age 9. Safety is the number one priority in the APBA Junior classes. What's number two? Having Fun! These classes have been developed specifically to give young drivers the experience needed to prepare them for the larger and faster classes in the adult categories. Once a young racer hits 16, he or she can move on to one of these adult categories. Nothing is more rewarding for a parent than watching their kid accomplish her or her goals in J-Class racing, and the lessons these kids learn along the way last a lifetime. Junior Class 15A motors (legal for ALL Junior Classes) are available for purchase through the APBA Shop. These can also come in kits where you can build the boat yourself or in ready to race rigs.

Junior Hydroplanes and Runabouts (40MPH) are open to all kids ages 9-16. AX Hydroplanes and Runabouts (50MPH) are for ages 12 and up. Rookie drivers take a written test and are required to stay in the back of the pack for the first few races. They will also receive special coaching from experienced drivers and officials in drivers' meetings before the races, to make sure that they understand the rules. Regardless of class, all J-class drivers wear an approved helmet, a lifejacket that is designed to float drivers face up complete with a skid collar (to prevent water from splashing up inside the helmet), and Kevlar sleeves & pants. The Kevlar protects racers from cuts, while the lifejackets have added special padding and impact shields to protect from bumps.

Getting started in J-Class racing does not have to cost a lot; reasonably priced kit boats can be built in a garage, and make for a great family bonding experience. Engines are available from the APBA and J-Class propellers are free from your local club! So... what are you waiting for? Contact Us Now!

WARNING: Racing in J-Class comes with a high probability of Ear to Ear Smiles

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