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22-23 Board and Council Election Results

By: Becky Nichols | APBA Director of Operations | Sep 12, 2022

Photo: APBA HQ

Election Results

We had a successful election this year, 589 people participated in the online voting process. Thank you all for voting!



Ballot results presented and verified by Election Runner and a committee consisting of the APBA Director of Operations, Chair of the APBA Historical Society, and the APBA President.

APBA Board of Directors candidates - ELECTED for 3-year terms

Fred Hauenstein Jr. - 333 votes

John Wlodarski III - 315 votes

Robin Shane - 299 votes

APBA Board of Directors candidates - NOT ELECTED

Matt Yarno - 278 votes

Write-ins - 21 votes

APBA Council-at-Large candidates - ELECTED for 3-year terms

Patrick Gleason - 350 votes

Carl Lewis - 315 votes

Robert Trolian - 313 votes

Heidi Dunk-Vincent - 259 votes

APBA Council-at-Large candidates - NOT ELECTED

Write-ins - 32 votes

Ballots/Proxies Received - 589

Minutes from the Annual Meeting for Election Purposes are attached.