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By: Tana Moore | APBA Staff Reporter | Jun 9, 2019

5 Board of Directors positions and 4 Council at Large spots are open for 2020.

Refer to the APBA Bylaws for a full description of the election process.

Board of Directors: the three people receiving the most votes shall receive a 3-year term; the two people with the next highest vote total shall receive a 1-year term. 

Council at Large: members shall receive a 3-year term.

**No Licensee member may serve on the Board of Directors.

**All Directors must be voting members of APBA pursuant to the Bylaws

The Nominating Committee consists of the current Board of Directors, Category Chairs, and Region Chairs. All nominations must be received at Headquarters prior to July 1.

You must receive an official nomination from at least one of member of the Nominating Committee to be considered for the ballot. 

If nominated, you will be contacted to confirm your acceptance. You will also be asked to submit a short bio of yourself for inclusion on the ballot. 


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