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APBA Vintage and Historic Chairman Announces New Leadership

By: Jeff Buckley | Vintage and Historic Chairman | Jan 28, 2021

Photo: Gleason Racing Photography, 2019

Vintage and Historic

APBA V&H Chairman Announces New Leadership

V&H Chairman Jeff "Nemo" Buckley has announced the names and positions of the newly approved APBA V&H Leadership with the following message:

"Our Jefe, Chris Fairchild, challenged me to put together the dream team for V&H. I'm confident I've done that. The board shares these mutual goals: Communication, Safety, Growth and Longevity. Yeah, it’s a mouthful I know, and you certainly won't have to say it 10 times in rapid succession. Clearly though, these are our current challenges.

We've been given a clean sheet of paper to craft our future. There's never really been anything wrong with the way business was conducted over our history, we've merely been challenged to do it better. We're only the caretakers, and our charge is to make it (fundamentally) more enjoyable, safer, more sustainable, and to preserve it! There's no question in my mind we can and will achieve just that. Congratulations to the following all-stars!"

Voting Members, Vintage and Historic Committee

Chairman: Jeff "Nemo" Buckley

Vice Chairman: Jim Olson

East Coast Representative: Richard "Dick" Delsener

West Coast Representative: Shaun Kelson

Inboard Representative: Steve Compton

Outboard Representative: Rich Luhrs

Regions Representative: Dr. Daniel Joseph

Officiating Representative: Jackie Meyer

Communication and Marketing Coordinator: John Woodward

Non-Voting Members, Vintage and Historic Committee

Secretary: Debbie Joseph

APBA Board Liaison: Matt Yarno

Chairman’s Special Projects

Bob "Pappy" Moore

Rich Evans (Safety)

Dave Richardson (Safety)

Rick Sandstrom

Jim Berry

Region Representatives

Region 1: Donnie Mclean

Region 3: Matt Morshiemer

Region 4: Raynor Blair

Region 5: Jed Wolcott

Region 6: Mark Cravens

Region 7: Dr. Fred Eichmiller

Region 8: Denver Ray Mutt

Region 9: Pending

Region 10: Mike Currie

Canada: Harry Holst

Additional Special Projects and Senior Advisors appointments are forthcoming. Standby for those announcements. The newly approved V&H leadership will be meeting Thursday, Jan. 21.

The V&H Annual meeting is being scheduled and coordinated for the first week of February. Information regarding the date/time will be announced at a later date.