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Board of Directors Meeting 6-15-20

By: Becky Nichols | APBA Director of Operations | Jun 26, 2020

The minutes from the 6.15.2020 Board of Directors meeting describe discussions at length. Below you will find and abridged version of the minutes. If you wish to read the full minutes, the document is attached.


Board of Directors

June 15, 2020

Start – 7:30pm CT

A Moment of Silence was held to acknowledge the passing of Jeff Williams

Roll call was taken. In attendance were: Chris Fairchild, Adam Allen, Kyle Bahl, Fred Hauenstein Jr., Jean Mackay-Schwartz, Abby Pond, Jan Shaw, Robert Wilson, Matt Yarno, Aaron Stephens, Mark Wheeler, Bob Wartinger, Jack Meyer, Jeff Conant, John Wlodarski, Mikey Pavlick, Patrick Gleason, Rachel Warnock, Richard Fuchslin, Ann Fitzgerald, Lisa Jennings, John Runne, Dutch Squires, Kristi Ellison, Jeff Brewster, Robin Shane, Rich Luhrs, Pete Nichols, Richard Shaw, Jeff Titus, Bill Pavlick, Ken Scoville, and David Hale. Tracy Trolian joined the call after roll call was completed.

Minutes from the April 10 meeting were presented for approval.

Motion to approve made by Mark Wheeler; Seconded by Jean Mackay-Schwartz; Motion to approve minutes passed unanimously.

Summary of Safety Rule Changes

President Fairchild reviewed all safety rules previously voted on via email. All rules were passed. Breakdown of rules and votes can be found in attached documentation.

Discipline Rule Changes

Secretary Mary Williams is working to rewrite the rule; we will revisit this at a later date.

Region Election ByLaw changes

A. Motion to approve bylaw document XVII made by Mark Wheeler; Seconded by Jan Shaw; Motion to approve document XVII passed unanimously.

B. Motion to approve bylaw document IX made by Jean Mackay-Schwartz; Seconded by Mark Wheeler; Motion to approve document IX passed unanimously.

Budget Update

President Fairchild stated that an update budget was sent to the Board of Directors just prior to the meeting and opened the floor for discussion. No statements were made, we moved on to the 2020 plan.

2020 Plan (abridged)

A. Discussion ensued regarding what’s to come of the 2020 season. The detailed discussion can be read in the minutes.

B. Key Points:

1. Removal of the Hall of Champions for 2020 – PASSED

2. Motion to approve the removal of Hall of Champions for 2020 made by Jean Mackay- Schwartz; Seconded by Aaron Stephens; The motion to remove the Hall of Champions for 2020 passed unanimously.

3. All categories will have until July 10 to compile a list of rule changes they would like to propose for the rest of the 2020 season. The Board of Directors will then review and vote on these changes

Other Matters

A. Kyle Bahl made a motion to vote on the SORC special rules; Seconded by Abby Pond. Kyle Bahl amended his motion to add “except straightaways” to the ruling on record attempts; the motion to approve the SORC decisions passed with one opposed vote.

B. President Fairchild mentions that the National Meeting is still in question. Becky Nichols is looking into virtual meeting options as well as an on-site meeting option.

C. Bob Wartinger reminds everyone that now is the time to work on making things bigger and better in the organization in terms of safety.


Motion to adjourn made by Jan Shaw; Seconded by Chris Fairchild; the motion to adjourn passed unanimously.

End – 8:52pm CT




Items passed by a majority of the Stock Outboard Racing Commission and by the APBA Board of Directors for the 2020 season in the Stock Outboard category.

1) There will be no National High Point Champions.

2) There will be no (competition) records set.

3) There will be no Hall of Champions Inductees.

4) The Marathon National Championships will be permitted to crown champions in Indian River, Michigan.

5) There will be no national awards given for the category. (Waldman, Menzies, Rookie, Dawe & Dewald)

6) The 2020 & 2021 racing seasons will not be combined.