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BOD and Council Nominations

By: Becky Nichols | APBA Director of Operations | Jul 1, 2021

Photo: APBA HQ

APBA Nominations

Board of Directors and Council at Large Nominations

Board of Directors: Three (3) at-large directors shall be elected annually by the membership for 3-year terms.

Council at Large: Four (4) council-members-at-large shall be elected by the membership for 3-year terms.

*Due to previous bylaw changes there were additional Council members for 2021. This will be remedied for 2022.

Terms Ending:

Voter Eligibility:

Who to Nominate:

   *Any officer, director, owner, agent, or attorney of or for a licensee of the Association may be a member of the Association as a Licensee Member, but he or she shall not have the right to vote or serve as a director or officer of the Association. APBA ByLaw 4.8


If you're nominated:

All nominations must be received at Headquarters prior to August 1.


Refer to the APBA Bylaws, article 9, for a full description of the Election Process.


The Nominating Committee shall consist of the current Board of Directors, Category Chairs, and Region Chairs.