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Edgewood, Maryland Mothers' Day Race 2019

By: Matt D'Agostino | APBA Region 4 Reporter | May 12, 2019

Photo: Matt D'Agostino

CVRA held its season opener at Edgewood, Maryland, this Mothers Day Weekend. Thanks go out to Shane Sheet Metal (Robin and Stu and Kelly and Adam) for ALL the behind-the-scenes work to make this event happen!  Robin was the race director and made sure everything went as planned--except the weather. Robin and the Race Committee decided to run the entire weekend schedule on Saturday, as poor weather was imminent for Sunday. Referee John Runne and his team handled it with no problem and the event was a success. The award gala also was a hit Saturday nite. We all celebrated as Abby Pond was given a surprise (29th??) birthday party as part of the festivities.

As far as racing, it was AMAZING to see Nick Wheeler and family back on their feet, so to speak, and racing in AXH. Nick suffered a major foot injury at Wilson, NC last year, but after reconstructive surgery, he was on the racecourse and won AXH both days!  Mr. Throttled (Johnny Wlodorski) took care of business in 15SSH and BSH, but only after tuff competition from the Yamato 80s of Fuller and Terry. The short course played well for the Yamatos, and the top-shelf Sidewinder of National Champ and Hall Of Champions 2018 Inductee Wlodarski had all it could do to beat the quick Yamatos. 

The 300SSH class was very competitive, with several newbies trying to handle seasoned vet Johnny Wlodarski. Both Bob Helmacy and 2018 Rookie of the Year Michael Sharphouse flipped trying to overtake Johnny (with no injuries, fortunately). 

20SSH was a blast as Matt D'Agostino and Ken Terry swapped heats all day. Ken won on time one race, and The Captain the other. It was the Yamato 80 of Terry vs. the restricted Yamato 102 of D'Agostino. Bobby Brown was in the battle with a Yamato 80 and finished third both days in 20SSH.  ASH saw birthday girl Abby Pond mix it up with Will "The Pill" Augustine, as Chip Fuller stole a heat or two with a very fast OMC against the powerful Sidewinders of Pond and Augustine. In the end, Abby took first both days. In 350MH John Mauck and Frank Novotny showed tons of speed, as Mauck wound up in first place both days.

Robin Shane promises bigger and better things for next year's Edgewood Regatta; and hopefully, Mother Nature will be a little more cooperative next time.

Your (unofficial) INSTANT RESULTS from Edgewood, courtesy of scorers Aimie Pond, Stacy Runne, Jill Glossner and Val D'Agostino are:

Saturday's Race                      Sunday's Race                                                      

20SSH                                    20SSH

1. Matt D'Agostino                 1. Ken Terry

2. Ken Terry                            2. Matt D'Agostino

3. Bobby Brown                      3. Bobby Brown

J Hydro                                   J Hydro

1. Gianna Misero                    1. Gianna Misero

2. Joseph Thompson               2. Joseph Thompson

3. Nicholas Wheeler               3. Nicholas Wheeler

300SSH                                   300SSH

1. Johnny Wlodarski               1. Johnny Wlodarski

2. Bob Helmacy                      2. Ed Donnelly

3. Ed Donnelly                        3. Bob Helmacy

BSH                                        BSH

1. Johnny Wlodarski              1. Johnny Wlodarski

2. Ken Terry                           2. Ken Terry

3. Chip Fuller                         3. Chip Fuller

500MH                                    500MH

1. Frank Novotny                     1. Frank Novotny

2. AJ Jennings                          2. AJ Jennings

3. Dave Breisacher                   3. DNF- Breisacher

ASH                                         ASH

1. Abby U.S. Pond                  1. Abby Pond

2. Will Augustine                    2. Will Augustine

3. Chip Fuller                          3. Chip Fuller

AXH                                        AXH

1. Nicholas Wheeler                1. Nicholas Wheeler

2. Gianna Misero                     2. Gianna Misero

3. Joseph Thompson                3. Joseph Thompson

15SSH-125MH                        15SSH

1. Johnny Wlodarski                1. Johnny Wlodarski

2. Chip Fuller                           2. Chip Fuller

3. Luis Garcia                          3. Abby Pond

350MH                                    350MH

1. John Mauck                         1. John Mauck

2. Frank Novotny                     2. Frank Novotny

3. Harry Danforth                    3. Harry Danforth