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Fireside 500 Results

By: Jill Glossner | APBA Region 3 Reporter | Jun 10, 2019

Stock Outboard, SO Marathon, Thundercat, and J racers flocked to Presque Isle, Michigan June 8-9. Presque Isle Yacht Club and Top O' Michigan Outboard Racing Club partnered to hold the first ever Fireside 500 Stock Outboard race. These aren't your average speedboats on Grand Lake. The sleek wooden or fiberglass craft travel around 60 miles per hour.

"I really just had to pick my way through the traffic. There's a lot of boats out there,"said Sunday's marathon winner Joshua Pearson. "There are a lot of wakes, so if you can find a good clean line you can really let the motor sing, and run and go fast."

Racers have to travel all over to compete in American Power Boat Association races.

"The Fireside 500 is the second longest marathon we have in Michigan, and that's huge for us," said outboard nationals competitor Dustin Pearson. (The Top O' Michigan Marathon Nationals in Indian River is the longest Marathon race.) "For the Top O' Michigan Club to put on this race at this lake was great, and I'll definitely be back. It's all about boat positioning and where you are in the boat and how you control the boat, because if you don't respect the boat, the boat won't respect you."

Speed and position are even more important in the Stock Outboard short course.

"In 25 Runabout, there was some pretty good competition. I really had to keep on my game," said Dustin Pearson. "It was pretty rough out there, which made it interesting."

Three-year veteran racer Dominick Trolian won the 25-minute J Runabout Marathon both days, and got dunked by his dad for his first win. 

Grand Lake and its islands are a beautiful location to hold a race, but for competitors like Pearson, it's not his first time racing in the area.

"For me it's really special, because my first win ever was in downtown Alpena," said Joshua Pearson. "It's really cool to come back 30 years later and get another win."

Presque Isle County hopes to see racers like Pearson again next year for the second annual Fireside 500.

Thanks to the Presque Isle Yacht Club and Top O' Michigan Outboard Racing Club for a great event. Congratulations to all!

Stock Outboard


Sat. L. Klein, M. Miskerik, R. Lisius

Sun R Lisius, L Klein, N. Miskerik


Sat. P. Lauer, S. Fairbairn, Brian Trolian

Sun. P. Lauer, D. Pierson, S. Fairbairn


Sat. J. Pearson, D. Kowalski, M. Pfalzer

Sun. 9 out of 10 jumped the gun 1st heat except for Rookie Spencer Hamlin. No overall results except Spencer, #1.


Sat. R. Trolian, J. Budnik, Tracy Trolian

Sun. R. Trolian, J Budnik, D. Kowalski


Sat. C. Smith, R. Lisius, J Dobis

Sun. C. Smith, P. Teike, J. Budnik


Sat. D. Pearson, J Kerr, T Loomis

Sun. D. Pearson, D. Fierek, J. Kerr


Sat. D. Trolian, L. McMullen, N. Kowalski

Sun. D. Trolian, N. Kowalski, L. McMullen


Sat. C. Smith, J. Klein, P. Teike

Sun-Did not run



Sat. C. McGuiness, B. McMullen

Sun. same


Sat. P. Lauer, C. Smith, S. Fairbairn

Sun.-Did not run


Sat. D. Fierek, L. Bosker, W. Affholter

Sun. D. Fierek, W. Affholter, L. Bosker


Sat. N. Carmon, D. Pearson, C. Fairbairn

Sun. N. Carmon, D. Pearson, C. Fairbairn


Sat. C. Ladd, J. Pearson, B. Mitsch

Sun. J. Pearson, M. Pfalzer, B. Mitsch


Sat. L McMullen, N. Kowalski

Sun. D. Trolian, L. McMullen, N. Kowalski

Thundercat Bandit

Lee & Robert Wallenbeck both days 

-Jill Glossner