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Franklin results

By: Tana Moore | APBA Staff Reporter | May 28, 2019

RESULTS from the 2019 Northeast Mod, Stock & J Divisionals, Franklin, PA, May 25-26, 2019. Thanks to Jill Glossner for the results and CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!

ASR-(8)-Billy Simmons, Josh Toccolino, Nate Mitchell, Pete Nichols, Chloe Sees, Becky Nichols, Dylan Murray, Laura Wheeler

SUN-(8)-Billy Simmons, Nate Mitchell, Josh Toccolino, Pete Nichols, Becky Nichols, Chloe Sees, Laura Wheeler, Dylan Murray

ASH-(6)-Josh Toccolino, Laura Wheeler, Adrianna Bonanno, Becky Nichols, Jessica Goodwin

SUN-(6)-Josh Toccolino, Laura Wheeler, Chloe Sees, Adrianna Bonanno, Becky Nichols, Jessica Goodwin

BSH-(5)-Robert Trolian, Jason Bonanno, Joe Sees, Shaun KlineSUN-(5)- Robert Trolian, Steve French, Jason Bonanno, Shaun Kline, Joe Sees 

CSR-(7)-Tom Smith, Dean Sutherland, Dylan Murray, Nate Carmon, Ryan Brewster, Mike Flockerzi 

SUN-(6)-Logan Sweeney, Dean Sutherland, Dylan Murray, Nate Carmon, Ryan Brewster 

CSH-(12)-Colin Smith, Brandon Sutton, Rob Dixon, Mike Flockerzi, Dana Holt, Brian Williams, Chris Dyer, Darren Ahearn, Tim Thompson, Dave Breisacher, Logan Sweeney 

SUN-(10)-Rob Dixon, Mike Flockerizi, Dana Holt, Dave Breisacher, Brian Willams, Tim Thompson, Chris Dyer 

20SSH-(7)-Dana Holt, Colin Smith, Robert Lisius, Chris Dyer, Bobby Brown, Macey Lance, Chloe Sees 

SUN-(6)-Dana Holt, Chloe Sees, Bobby Brown, Robert Lisius, Chris Dyer 

300SSH-(7)-Ryan Sutherland, Nikolas Miskerik, Dave Deck, Macey Lance, George Bressler, Robert Lisius, Robert Helmacy 

SUN-(7)-Nikolas Miskerik, George Bressler, Ryan Sutherland, Robert Lisius, Dave Deck, Macey Lance, Robert Helmacy 

125MR-(3)-Jerry Davids, Michael Smith, Mac Miller 

SUN (3)-Karissa Mitchell, Michael Smith, Mac Miller 

125MH-(3)-Did not run (2 DNS) 

SUN-(3)-Josh Toccalino, Tom Sutherland, George Smith 

200MH-(3)-Amy Sweeney, Mac Miller, Jessica Goodwin 

SUN-(3)-Amy Sweeney, Mac Miller 

250MH-(8)-Tom Sutherland, Rob Dixon, Dave Deck, Steve French 

SUN-(3)-Tom Sutherland, Fran Johnson 

400MH-(5)-Braxton Miller, Wes Hammond, Jack Deck, Steve French 

SUN-(3)-Wes Hammond, Mike Thierfelder, Braxton Miller 

350MR-(6}-Nate Mitchell, Jerry Davids, Larry Stenander, Charles Fry, Jeff Williams, Braxton Miller 

SUN-(5)-Nate Mitchell, Jerry Davids, Braxton Miller, Larry Stenander, Charles Fry 

350MH-(8)-Braxton Miller, Harry Danforth, John Mauck, Tom Sutherland, Robert Trolian, Frank Novotny, Chris Williams, Mark Monsey 

SUN-(6)-Braxton Miller, Tom Sutherland, Frank Novotny, Harry Danforth, Mark Monsey, AJ Jennings 

500MR-(5)-Logan Sweeney, Braxton Miller, Chris Williams 

SUN-(4)-Braxton Miller, Travis Rice, Logan Sweeney, Chris Williams 

500MH-(8)-Braxton Miller, Justin Ivie, Brian Williams, Frank Novotny, Wes Hammond, AJ Jennings, Tom Rice, Tim Thompson, Mike Thierfelder 

SUN-(9)-Braxton Miller, Justin Ivie, AJ Jennings, Brian Williams, Frank Novotny, Wes Hammond, Tom Rice, Scott Miller, Tim Thompson 

750MH-(5)-Mark Wheeler, Brandon Sutton, Justin Ivie, Bill Keegan, AJ Jennings 

SUN-(3)-Mark Wheeler, AJ Jennings, Justin Ivie 

850MH-(3)-Justin Ivie, AJ Jennings, Brandon Sutton 

SUN-Did not run 

JH-(5)-Natalie Miskerik, Jackson Gallagher, Price Ivie, Matt Thompson 

SUN-(5)-Gianna Misero, Matt Thompsoo, Price Ivie 

AXR-(5)-Natalie Miskerik, Michael Smith, Becky Nichols, Mac Miller, Jackson Gallagher

SUN-(6)-Karissa Mitchell, Natalie Miskerik, Becky Nichols, Michael Smith, Mac Miller, Jackson Gallagher

AXH-(6)-Karissa Mitchell, George Smith, Gianna Misero, Jackson Gallagher, David Cano, Jessica Goodwin

SUN-(6)-Karissa Mitchell, George Smith, Jackson Gallagher, Gianna Misero, Jessica Goodwin, David Cano