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Lakeland, FL - Unofficial Results

By: Becky Nichols | APBA Director of Operations | Mar 11, 2020

Photo: Holly Jones

Lakeland, FL

Lakeland, FL

The 82nd Annual Orange Cup Regatta in Lakeland, FL had a very successful day of racing on Sunday! Despite some overly windy conditions on Saturday, everyone was able to pull together and make the best out of it. The entire team of race officials, the city of Lakeland, Region 5 Rescue, APBA HQ staff, Nichols Racing, Central Florida's Polk County Sports Marketing, the local ROTC, and so many more made this race a possibility. Thank you!

Did you miss the action? Check out the APBA Facebook page for a video stream of Sunday's racing, a walk through the pits on Saturday, and some awesome daily recap videos!

Sunday's Results:

Formula 150

1. Ashton Rinker

2. Mike Quindazzi

3. Jeff Shepherd

4. Jeff Merten

5. Jim Kerr

6. Chris Rinker

7. Fred Durr

1 Ltr. Mod

1. Keith McMullen (Robert Wilson, owner)

2. John Wlodarski III (Robert Weaver, owner)

2.5 Stock

1. John Shaw (Doug Martin, owner)

2. Mike Monahan (Gene DeFalco, owner)

3. Steve Armstrong (Alfred Thompson, owner)

4. Jeff Dobis (owner/driver)

2.5 Mod

1. Jim Aid (Norman Cameron, owner)

2. Mark Manos (owner/driver)

3. John Shaw (Doug Martin, owner)


1. Andrew Tate (Budget Buster Racing)

2. John Shaw (Wheeler Baker, owner)

3. Donny Allen (Richard Hearn, owner)

4. Paul Barber (Richard Hearn, owner)


1. Jim Clauss

2. Hunter Davis (Mike Allen, owner)

3. Chris Fanaris


1. Dustin Daily

2. Hugh Monaham

Jersey Speed Skiff

1. Tom Pakradooni & Michelle Morgan

2. Mike Buturla & Katelyn Shaw

3. Robert Presley Jr. & Timothy Presley

4. Keith Gunther & Richard Wilhelm

5. Nick MeGee & Richard MeGee

National Mod

1. John Shaw (Wheeler Baker, owner)

2. James Sartin (owner/driver)

Grand National Hydro

1. John Jenkins (Andy Denka, owner)

2. Andy Denka (owner/driver)

3. Greg Kreitzer (owner/driver)