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MOD Rule Change - Ballot Results 2.0

By: Becky Nichols | APBA Director of Operations | Mar 30, 2020

The following vote took place last week pursuant to Rule 23 Modified Rule Change Procedure. This rule states that voters must be racing members two weeks prior to the ballot going out AND a Driver must score points in at least two races in a class to be eligible to vote in that class.


Add a new rule 25.i to the list of PERMISSIBLE MODIFICATIONS AND RESTRICTIONS that appears at the beginning of the Modified Outboard Technique Manual.

Proposed 25.i) With the exception of Mercury engines running in the 250cc modified classes, aftermarket float bowl covers are allowed on Mercury carburetors provided that the carburetor body is not altered to accommodate the float bowl cover.

Note: The 250cc classes are excluded from this ballot because there are Mercury engines in the 250cc classes that are required to run in stock form.

Rationale: To clarify the use to aftermarket float bowl covers.

YEA - add the proposed rule 90.28%

NAY - no new rule 9.72%




The 2020 Modified Tech Manual can be found here: