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Modified Outboard Racing Commission Meeting Minutes 11-12-20

By: Mary Williams | APBA Secretary | Nov 16, 2020



Thursday, November 12, 2020


1. The meeting was called to order by the Chair, Mark Wheeler, at 8:35 PM. In attendance were: Mark Wheeler, Mike Akerstrom, Alex Jennings, Scott Miller, Justin Ivie, Howie Nichols, Gary Miller, Jasen DIrcksen, Andy Hansen, Rick Miller, Fred Hauenstein, Daren Goehring, Bob Koschka, Josh Kimble, Lisa Jennings, Kurt Romberg, and Mary Williams.

2. A proposal was presented by Chairman Wheeler to retire the # 5-P from Modified Outboard. The 5-P may be used by the Williams family, but otherwise will not be issued to a Modified Outboard member. Motion to approve by Howie Nichols, seconded by Andy Hansen. The motion passed unanimously.

3. A discussion was led by Kurt Romberg on General Safety Rule 29 concerning sharp points on turn fins on both hydroplanes and runabouts. Kurt explained that a committee had been formed by APBA President Chris Fairchild to determine if changes to the previously approved rule would provide clarity for racers. After discussion, the consensus was that the proposed changes would provide needed clarity and be less subjective.

4. A bid was presented from Peace River Outboard to host the 2021 Modified Eastern Championship (formerly the Winter Nationals) in Jesup, GA on April 8,9,10,11 2021. Motion by Daren Goehring to roll over all championships awarded for 2020 to 2021 unless the hosting club does not want the championship. This would include the Eastern Championship in Jesup. The motion was seconded by Mike Akerstrom. Motion passed 11 in favor 0 opposed and 1 abstention. Chairman Wheeler will contact all clubs that have a championship to make sure they still want to host them. Any championships returned to the commission will be discussed during the national meeting.

5. Rule changes were presented:

a. Rule 23 Modified Rule Change Procedure

Safety Rules: A safety rule is defined as a rule to reduce the likelihood of injury or danger as its primary purpose. Per APBA bylaws, category safety rules shall be determined by the appropriate racing commission, at or before the APBA Annual Meeting each year, without going to ballot of the category members.

Administrative Rules: An administrative rule is defined as a rule that governs the overall functioning of the modified outboard category. Administrative rules shall be determined by the MORC at or before the APBA Annual Meeting each year, without going to ballot of the category members.

Racing and Technical Rules are decided by a ballot of the racing members in the impacted class or classes.

Voting eligibility and procedure for Racing and Technical Rules:

1) Racing members, both drivers and owners, are eligible to vote. (Owner is defined below.)

2) Only racing members with a valid APBA membership as of two weeks prior to the ballot being released by APBA may vote.

3) A racing member must participate in a given class during the previous membership year in order to vote.

4) Voting shall take place within three weeks following the approval of any proposed rule change by the MORC and must be completed prior to May 1.

5) Any rule changes approved by a ballot of the modified outboard membership will go into effect two weeks after publication of the rule change on the APBA website and/or Propeller magazine.


1) Individuals who own modified outboard equipment, but who do not qualify as a driver in a given class or classes, are eligible to vote as long as the criteria listed below are met. An owner is allowed one vote per class regardless of the number of drivers sponsored.

2) In order to qualify as a voting owner, an individual must join APBA as a racing member prior to March 1 each year.

3) At the time an owner joins APBA, the owner must provide the MORC with a list of all classes sponsored and associated driver(s). Classes and/or drivers may not be added after the initial list is provided to the MORC.

Motion by Gary Miller, seconded by Andy Hansen to approve as presented. Motion passed 11 in favor, and 1 member absent from the vote.

b. Rule 16.4.3

Engine shall be accepted, only if approved by majority of the voting membership.

Motion by Howie Nichols to delete the rule in its entirety, seconded by Gary Miller. The motion passed unanimously.

c. Rule 16.4.4

An engine of a class may be eliminated from Modified competition only by a majority vote of the entire voting membership.

Motion by Howie Nichols to delete the rule in its entirety, seconded by Gary Miller. After discussion a role call vote was held. The motion passed. In favor were Howie Nichols, Gary Miller, Andy Hansen, Fred Hauenstein, Daren Goehring, and Bob Koschka. Voting against were Mike Akerstrom, Alex Jennings, Scott Miller, Justin Ivie and Jasen Dircksen.

d. Rule 18 - Administration

At the Annual Meeting, the Commission may declare that any of their respective racing classes, either runabout or hydroplane or both, shall be placed on one (1) years’ probation should the class drop below a national active participation level as follows.

A. 10 active participants nationally.

B. Approval of a majority of Commission members is necessary for the placing on probation of that class. If, at the next Annual Meeting, by the review of the Commission, it is found that the class has exceeded the minimum requirements, that class will be taken off probation and reinstated with all class activities and recognition. In the event the class does not meet the minimum requirements, it will then continue on probation. During the first year of probation the class may continue to receive points, set records and participate in Championship events. During the second year of probation the class may participate in Championship events but not set records or receive points. During the third year of probation the class may not participate in championship events, set records, or receive points. If, after three years, the class does not meet requirements, it will be dropped at the discretion of the Commission.

A discussion was held on the advisability of deleting this rule. Motion by Mike Akerstrom, seconded by Howie Nichols to delete the rule in its entirety. A roll call vote was held. The motion failed. Voting in favor were Mike Akerstrom, Gary Miller, and Fred Hauenstein. Voting against were Alex Jennings, Scott Miller, Justin Ivie, Howie Nichols, Jasen DIrcksen, Andy Hansen, Daren Goehring, and Bob Koschka. Absent during the vote was Rick Miller.

6. Chairman Wheeler reported that there will not be a face to face national meeting this year. The commission meeting will be held virtually. Director of Operations, Becca Nichols, is working on preparing the schedule which will be mostly evening meetings.

7. Technical Chairman, Bob Koschka, reported that he is working on a rewrite to the Technical Manual to eliminate rules listed in the front of the book. This will allow members to print only the section needed for each motor/class and not the entire manual. It will also clean things up for Inspection. Once a class is completed, it will be sent out to various racers in the class for review. Mary Williams stated that this review/rewrite was last done 20 years ago and it needs to be done periodically to be sure that the book does not contain rules that contradict each other causing confusion.

8. There being no further business, motion by Fred Hauenstein, seconded by Jasen DIrcksen to adjourn. The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Williams

Modified Outboard Secretary

Approved Rule Changes