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Modified Outboard Racing Commission Meeting Minutes 6-22-20

By: Mary Williams | APBA Secretary | Jun 23, 2020


JUNE 22, 2020

1. The meeting was called to order by the Chairman, Mark Wheeler at 8:30 PM EDT.

2. Roll call was taken. In attendance were: Mark Wheeler, Alex Jennings, Gary Miller, Jasen Dircksen, Fred Hauenstein, Jean Mackay-Schwartz, Daren Goehring, Bob Koschka, Eric VanOver, Tom Sutherland, Brian Palmquist, Chris Fairchild, Lisa Jennings, Josh Kimble, and Mary Williams.

3. A moment of silence was held in honor of Jeff Williams.

4. Chairman Wheeler announced recent appointments:

a. Fred Hauenstein has moved out of Region 7 and has resigned the position of Region 7 commissioner. He has moved to California. Chairman Wheeler announced he has appointed Fred to the Commission for the remainder of this term as an at-large commissioner.

b. Brian Palmquist has been appointed as the Region 7 commissioner.

c. Bob Koschka has been appointed as the Technical Committee Chairman.

d. Gary Miller has been appointed as the Modified Chief Inspector.

5. Proposals were considered. The chairman advised everyone that if passed each proposal (with the exception of the housekeeping one) would be sent to APBA Board of Directors as a proposal for their action. This is being done because rules cannot be changed for the current season after May 1 except by action of the Board.

a. Proposal 1 – No bonus points will be awarded for races taking place in 2020. Motion by Gary Miller, seconded by Fred Hauenstein. Motion passed unanimously. Consensus was that any North American Championship can be run but no bonus points will be awarded.

b. Proposal 2 – No high point championships will be awarded in 2020 but headquarters will still be requested to post points from races which do occur. Motion by Jasen Dircksen, seconded by Jean Mackay-Schwartz. Motion passed unanimously.

c. A question was asked on if special #’s (such as 1-US, 2-US, section winners, etc.) would carry over. Motion by Brian Palmquist, seconded by Daren Goehring to allow all special #’s such as 1-US, 2-US, Section winners, etc. to carry over from 2020 to 2021. Motion passed unanimously.

d. A question was asked if national champions who were pre-qualified for the 2020 nationals would now be pre-qualified for the 2021 nationals. Motion by Eric VanOver that all reigning national champions from 2019 would be pre-qualified for the 2021 nationals. Seconded by Jean Mackay-Schwartz. Motion passed unanimously.

e. Proposal 3 – The Kalb, Goller, and Rookie of the Year awards will not be awarded in 2020. Motion by Jean Mackay-Schwartz, seconded by Fred Hauenstein. Motion passed unanimously.

f. A question was asked about waiving Rule 22-D which limits rookies to having raced no more than three powerboat races previously in their lifetime. Motion by Jean Mackay- Schwartz, seconded by Gary Miller to waive this rule for the 2021 racing season. Motion passed unanimously.

g. Chairman Wheeler reported that all closed course record races have been cancelled for this year. Consensus of the commission was to permit the setting of kilo records.

6. Housekeeping item for Yamato engines used in 500ccMH and 500ccMR classes. Rules 1 and 11 on page 52 of the Modified Technical Manual are in conflict. Motion by Eric VanOver, seconded by Jasen Dircksen to remove the words “provided by the manufacturer” from Rule 11 on page 52. Motion passed unanimously. Discussion was held on whether this would permit any manufacturer to make oversized pistons for these classes. Consensus was that the rule which was passed by the members of the classes does not limit these pistons to one manufacturer.

7. Daren Goehring asked if the Commission had a plan to do a special award in Jeff Williams’ honor. Chairman Wheeler said that he was planning to rename the John Read Award in Jeff’s name.

8. Motion by Fred Hauenstein to adjourn, seconded by Jean Mackay-Schwartz. Meeting was adjourned at 8:59 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Williams

Modified Secretary