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NEW Incident Reports

By: Becky Nichols | APBA Director of Operations | Feb 6, 2020

Photo: Hawk Race

2020 Incident Report

There is a NEW Incident Report for the 2020 Racing Season!

Please RECYCLE any old Incident Reports in your possession. The new reports have the date "11.01.2019" in the upper right hand corner. These are the reports that will be accepted by Headquarters after they have been properly completed.


Frequently Asked Questions about Incident Reports:

Q: I just tipped my boat over, I'm not even hurt. Do I really have to fill this out?

A: YES! It is important for us to keep a record of all incidents that occur during our events.

(You'll notice that the new Incident Reports say "involved" party instead of "injured" party)


Q: Do I have to sign the bottom of the front page?

A: YES! It even says "required" next to the signature line


Q: Whose job is it to ensure all Incident Reports are completed?

A: The REFEREE! Per General Safety Rule 20

(Per General Racing Rule 30.7 the Scorer "shall assist the referee in completing accident/incident reports")


Have more questions? Email apbahq@apba.org for help!

The new Incident Reports can be printed from the attached PDF or ordered from Headquarters.