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Race at the Ridge in Pleasant Ridge, Maine

By: APBA Guest Reporter | APBA Region 1 | Aug 5, 2019

Photo: Michael Rorke

Pete Nichols, ASR

Despite being blown out to wind on Sunday, the Inaugural "Race at the Ridge" was an overwhelming success. The local community was over the top enthusiastic about our program. Bobby Howe was the events high point winner with victories in BSH, CSH and 20SSH. Thanks go out to Annette Weber, Carole Terry, Annette Woodle and their able assistants Colleen Tweedy, Rachel Warnock and Lily Deware for providing these same-day results.

Results - Pleasant Ridge, Maine

J Hydro – Eden Deware 6B, Quin Roberts 9A, Riley Young 94D

AXH – Quin Roberts 9A, Matt Mead 17N, Eden Deware 6B

ASR – Pete Nichols 4F, Bruce Nichols 1B, Eli Campbell 42A

ASH – Eli Campbell 42A, Rachel Warnock 22B, Matt Mead 17N

BSH – Bobby Howe 2A, Mike Akerstrom 30N, Greg Hamilton 77A

CSR – Mike Akerstrom 8B, Tim Noury 33A, Bill Forster 96D

CSH – Bobby Howe 2A, Chris Stager 78B, Billy Allen 26A

20SSH – Bobby Howe 2A, Nick Nowak 81B, Jeff Main 21A

25SSR – Dave Young 95D, Mike Akerstrom 8B, Michael Rorke 4CE

300SSH – Greg Hamilton 77A, Colleen Tweedy 229A, Erin Woodle 44B

OSY400 – Bobby Cronin 26A, Joe O’Connor 28A, Jeff Main 21A