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Rule Changes per Board of Directors on 6.15.2020

By: Becky Nichols | APBA Director of Operations | Aug 21, 2020

Rule Changes passed by the APBA Board of Directors during the 6/15/2020 meeting are available below:

1. General Safety Rules page 5, Rule 18

Local race committees shall not establish a ground rule which employs a person in the water or a person in a stopped boat as a course marker.

2. General Safety Rules page 6, Rule 28 - NEW

No crew member may be on a boat while it is in the water under power unless an emergency requires assistance. Failure to comply with this rule will result with the driver earning two yellow cards.

3. General Safety Rules page 6, Rule 29 – NEW

A sharp point on the lowest leading edge of the turn fin of outboard hydros and runabouts is not permitted. The minimum radius shall be .50 in. The angle of the fin should also be taken into account.


The efficiency of the cut resistant material is a function of the velocity, mass, and area shape of the penetrating object. An accident during the 2019 season indicated that the sharp point on a turning fin could apply extreme pressure to the material. The rounding of the leading edge, even though sharpened, lessens the chance of penetration. This radius is just slightly larger than the radius of a quarter, which makes for a simple gauge.

4. General Racing Rules page 7, Rule 1.A.3.a

Details of any accidents; incident report(s), a copy which will be forwarded to the specific category chairman and the Insurance Committee by headquarters.

5. Offshore Racing Rules page 41, Section II Rule 1.I.26

Canopy and escape hatch handles, inside and out, must be painted fluorescent orange or be painted a contrasting yellow and have a fluorescent orange background panel to identify them. Directional arrows, of fluorescent orange or a contrasting yellow, of a minimum ¾ in. stroke and minimum 4 in. in length, must indicate the method and direction to open.