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Standish, Maine Unofficial Results

By: Steve Noury | APBA Region 1 Reporter | Sep 9, 2019

Photo: Aaron Churchill

Dave Campbell, Standish ME

David Campbell running short of fuel just before the finish.

Results Standish, Maine

After being blown out by the last blast of Hurricane Dorian on Saturday, the South Shore Outboard crew put together a perfect program and ran off two days of racing on Sunday. Handling the duties to provide these results were Referee Jack Thompson, Scorer Annette Weber, Starter Annette Woodle and the crackerjack scoring staff of Carole Terry, Rachel Warnock, Mike Akerstrom, Erin Woodle and Colleen Tweedy.


AXH – David Woodle 43B, Eden Deware 6B, Quin Roberts 9A

AXR – Eden Deware 6A, Eli Campbell 42A, Quin Roberts 9A

ASH – David Woodle 43B, Rachel Warnock 22B, Erin Woodle 44B

ASR – David Woodle 20B, Pete Nichols 4F, Bruce Nichols 1B

BSH – Nick Nnowack 81B, Bobby Howe 2A, Greg Hamilton 77A

CSH – Chris Stager 78B, Jeff Sherwin 229A

CSR – Mike Akerstrom 8B, Bill Forster 96D, Michael Rorke 44CE

20SSH – Nick Nowack 81B, Billy Allen 16B, Bobby Howe 2A

300SSH – Greg Hamilton 77A, Erin Woodle 44B, Jeff Hamilton 55A

OSY400 – Bobby Cronin 26A, Joe O’Connor 28A, Jeff Sherwin 229A


AXH – Eden Deware 6B, Quin Roberts 9A

AXR – Eden Deware 6A,Quin Roberts 9A, Eli Campbell 42A

ASH – Rachel Warnock 22B, Eli Campbell 42A, David Woodle43B

ASR – David Woodle 20B, Bruce Nichols 1B

BSH – Greg Hamilton 77A, Jack Lyons 61, Dave Campbell 1

CSH – Chris Stager 78B, Billy Allen 16B, Jeff Sherwin 229A

CSR – Mike Akerstrom 8B, Michael Rorke 44CE, Bill Forster 96D

20SSH – Billy Allen 16B, Bobby Howe 2A, Nick Nowack 81B

300SSH – Colleen Tweedy 229A, Erin Woodle 44B, Dave Campbell 66A

OSY400 – Joe O’Connor 28A, bobby Cronin 26A, Jeff Main 21A