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Top O' Michigan Marathon Nationals 2019

By: APBA Guest Reporter | APBA Region 6 | Aug 12, 2019

Photo: Max Photography

Top O' Michigan

Abby Pond in the home stretch in rough water.

Beautiful site, beautiful weather. Sunday was windy, with boats struggling to get on plane against the wind on Burt Lake, but were fine throughout the rivers. Thanks to the Top O' Michigan Outboard Racing Club for their tireless efforts to put this race on.

Results (pending APBA review):

JR- 8 boats: Emily Kerr, Dominick Trolian, Logan McMullen, Alaina Reid, Nathan Kowalski

ASR- 12 boats: Stephen McCourtie, Johnny Wlodarski, Robert Wilkins, Justin Hughes, Peter Lauer

CSR- largest class with 29 boats: Tim Ross (with brand new boat), Nate Carmon (1st-timer), Jesse Swain, Mac Pfalzer, Andrew Tate

DSR- 10 boats: Josh Pearson (also won Fred Miller Marathon Award ), Fred Hollerback, Craig Rouleau, Brian Mitsch, Todd Veum

15SSR- 3 boats: Samantha Fairbairn, Leland Broge

25SSR- 15 boats: Dustin Fierek, Justin Giegler, Hal Leduc, Brent Johnson, Tom Loomis

Thundercat- Experimental (X-Class- 4 boats): James Yacko/Stephanie Greene, Adam Lowe/Mark Anderson, Mark Hodorek/Gary Kowalewski, Kyle Yacko/Nikki Lezotte

Congratulations to the winners! Now get some rest. Thanks to Jill Glossner for the speedy results.